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Welcome to Mother and Bump

Mother and Bump offer mobile massage, doula services and baby massage to empower you and your partner through all stages of your pregnancy and the postnatal period. With our  knowledge, support, and care you and your partner will be able to relax and look forward to the delight of meeting your baby.

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PREGNANCY MASSAGE - massage for Mums at all stages of your journey


POSTNATAL MASSAGE - great for recovery after the birth


BIRTH PREPERATION SESSIONS - Great for you and your birth partner within the comfort of your own home.


PREGNANCY YOGA 1 2 1  - Sessions run 1 2 1 within the comfort of your own home


DOULA SERVICES - practical and emotional support before, during and after the birth


BABY MASSAGE  & BABY YOGA- group courses or 1-to-1 lessons to spend special time with your baby

GIFT VOUCHERS -  Pregnancy or Postnatal Gift Vouchers - Covering South East London

                        £57.50 for 60 minute treatment or £77.50 for a 90 minute Treatment






 We cover the Boroughs of Greenwich, Bexley, Lewisham, Dartford, Bromley

                Monday to Sunday 10.00am - 7pm Subject To Availability  



Natelie Henriques


0800 468 1737

07983 967737


Pregnancy Massage

Home visits for South East London & North Kent   


Greenwich, Bexley,

Lewisham, Bromley, and Dartford



Helping you empower your body, your feelings and your inner wisdom

Natelie helped to ease a lot of my worries and concerns and helped to create a relaxing and calm environment for the birth. I used to think that doulas were for hippies or for people without birthing partners. And I was neither! But doulas are for everyone- and Natelie was able to guide and support my husband as well as me.

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