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Baby Massage


A lovely experience for myself and baby.  Imogen is always much more cheerful and co-opreative for hours after her baby Massage session and Natelie is a very calming influence   Thanks so much

Wendy and Baby Imogen – Baby Massage Group session

Greenwich, Bexley,

Lewisham, Bromley, Dartford

Helping you empower your body, your feelings and your inner wisdom

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Precious bonding time

Confident massage skills that help with colic, wind, constipation and teething

Confidence to tune in to your baby’s needs

How to recognise your baby’s cues

Understanding of how massage supports immature body systems

Understanding of speech and language development

Using singing and music

How to adapt your massage as your baby grows

Lots of helpful tips and advice on relaxed parenting.



Find out more about Baby Massage Private Groups for you and your friends - Via Zoom in class sessions suspended.



Mother and Bump Baby Massage sessions are a fun, flexible activity that can be practiced from birth and are baby lead so there’s no problem if your baby is not in the mood! Our supportive classes offer parents and babies: -

Mother & Bump Baby Massage

You can learn via our a weekly one to one live Zoom four week course or for our Baby Massage Online Pre recorded Sessions.


The Baby Massage classes are held over four weekly sessions and are for babies from around 8 weeks to 6 months pre-crawling.


The skills that you learn can continue to be used as your child grows.


The sessions offer a warm, relaxing, environment for you and your baby.


The Baby Massage sessions are 1 hour long and

include a demonstration and  practice of massage strokes.

Relaxation time for parents  

The course covers a variety of topics that help you along your new parenting journey.



Natelie Henriques

[email protected]

0800 468 1737

07983 967737

To book a course via Zoom contact us directly making your enqiury here

or to purchase our Baby Massage Online Course to start today click here

“The practice of infant massage provides the opportunity for parents to tune into their babies, communicate love and security and read their cues. It enables the crucial process of bonding and an infant’s understanding of action/reaction and the foundations of empathy. It also helps the activation of the serve-and-return wiring in the brain, provide the basis of healthy brain architecture: particularly in relation to life-long mental well-being, empathy, emotional regulation, and cognitive skills (Feldman, Rosenthal & Eidelman, 2014; National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2004; World Health Organisation, 2004”