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Natelie Henriques

[email protected]

0800 468 1737

07983 967737

Greenwich, Bexley,

Lewisham, Bromley, Dartford

Helping you empower your body, your feelings and your inner wisdom

Natelie helped to ease a lot of my worries and concerns and helped to create a relaxing and calm environment for the birth. I used to think that doulas were for hippies or for people without birthing partners. And I was neither! But doulas are for everyone- and Natelie was able to guide and support my husband as well as me.

Mother & Bump Events


Early Pregnancy Evening (1)

This is Suspended until further notice due to Covid 19


Early Pregnancy Evening Queen Elizabeth Woolwich

The Thrid Wednesday of Every Month

From 7pm - 9pm

Meet in the main Foyer.


Come along and meet Mother & Bump in person talking you through all our services face to face.

Plus come and meet lots of other local service providers as well as a tour of the Birthing Centre and Delivery Suites.


If you would like more infor contact Natelie direct.



I am here to listen to your Fears and Anxieties guide you with Info on birth preparation, maybe your birth did not go to plan or maybe you are extremely anxious about your up and coming birth. You may be extremely anxious about life as a new parent whatever the situation may be I am happy to be a non judgemental, empathic active listening ear. I will offer you a confidential safe space to share how you feel.


Let’s not lose hope, let’s try and help you hold your power keep as calm as possible during this difficult time.



Any Pregnant or Postnatal mama that needs some remote Doula support , I am happy to do a FREE phone support service using my doula skills and trained Helper Skills.


This Service is available to anyone who is pregnant or who is a birthing partner, open to parents in the Postnatal phase.



Affirmations 2018

Skilled Listening Support Service