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Fear -Less Birth Hypnobirthing

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Natelie Henriques

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Stay Calm & Relaxed

Your body, Your Choice, Your Journey!


The Mother & Bump Fear- Less Birth Preparation Course is a comprehensive course that borrows on the principles of mediation which help to ease expectant people into a state of calm so their bodies can fully relax in pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. It is retraining the mind through encouragement helping you to go back into the tools that your body has already and is in within every birthing person naturally.  By using breathing techniques, scripts, anchors affirmations, looking at the science of birth and different birth pathways. These simple tools help a birthing person to be able to cope with or without pain medication in a calm and relaxed manner.

I have also added my years of experience as a Massage therapist and experienced doula and have included active movement for labour and birth and massage and other nuggets of information that I know will benefit each parent on their learning journey. Don't worry the hypnobirthing element to the course won't have you barking like a dog or walking like a chicken. This is always about your choice, your pathway your journey.  What you will feel at the end of this course is calm, confident, and looking forward to giving birth to your baby.




  • Understand the Importance of Birth Physiology and how you can support this process.

  • Understanding the different stages of Labour, the emotional signs and the physical symptoms.

  • The importance of Birth Support during Labour & Birth and the Birth Partners role

  • Natural pain relief techniques for use in different stages.

  • Medical pain relief advantages & disadvantages.

  • Different Labour & Birth Movement positions to help ease the whole process.

  • Mother & Bump's Signature Labour Massge Techniques tutition for your partner.

  • Hypnobirthing Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

  • Writing Your Birth Preferences

  •         Baby Has Arrived!

  • Devising your Postnatal Plan

Natelie Henriques

[email protected]

0800 468 1737

07983 967737