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We provide our parents with professional, reliable treatments, courses and services that are both relaxed and enjoyable.


The treatments work as a tools to look after your changing physical body, mind and spirit, but will also provide parents with logical, confidence building for their unique labour, birth journey into early Motherhood and parenthood.


Mother & Bump Therapists / instructors / Teachers deliver Massage/Baby Massage and Birth related services that are professional, safe and of the highest calibre.


All of our therapists/ teachers and insturctors are fully qualified and are fully insured and are Crimanl Record Checked.


We are commited to further trainning and staying updated and informed of any changes that we feel impacts our clients birthing rights to information. We undertake yearly CRB trainning and Menotruing programmes.


We pride ourselves in working in a safe manner.

All our therapists /insturctors and teachers carry out health screenings before undertaking any type of massage treatment or exercise service.


When a treatment or class is deemed not be safe, we will not work outside of our area of expertise and will refer our clients to the relevant health professional.


Therapists offer practical and emotional support, but not advice to the mother or parents, therefore reminding them to find there own inner power and confidence to make their own choices.  


Mother & Bump recognise that women are entitled to make their own choices about their pregnancy, birth and feeding method so, without judgement we support each mother’s decision.


We will not discuss or pass on any personal confidential information with any other person or persons.


Mother & Bump work to show our clients the highest level of care and support to demonstrate that we are sensitive, nurturing and empathetic and non judgemental.


We present our self and our equipment at all times in a professional & clean manner.


We are mothers first we belive that women and children are the centre of the world and that, we need to look after mothers in pregnancy and birth so they may go on to look after their children un hindered and free from mental or ill health.











Failure is not
an option

                                 OUR ETHOS

Mother & Bump Aim To Offer You Safe, Confidential Emotional, Physical and Practical Support.

We aim to support Your Pregnancy, Birth and Early         Parenthood Journey!

Natelie Henriques

Founder - Mother & Bump