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Postnatal Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have a series of sessions or can I have just a one off treatment?

To gain the best results from your Postnatal Massage sessions, it is beneficial to be treated over a period of time. We offer Postnatal Package Deals which are fantastic for the first 6 six weeks of the postnatal period, please Click here to find out more.  However there are still benefits to booking a one of treatment, this provides you with an excellent time out for you to just relax the mind and body and to simply rest.


Mother & Bump Massage are happy to work with whatever your needs may be.


How soon after birth can I receive a treatment?

There is no real time scale as to when you can receive a treatment; it is totally up to you. You may feel well enough even a few days after birth, or you may wish to leave it for a couple of weeks. It is entirely your decision. We do carry out a full Health Consultation prior to your treatment to assess your specific needs for treatment.


How will I be positioned for the treatment?

Positioning is dependent on which stage in the postnatal period you are in and also on which type of birth you have experienced.


How will the Therapist know my needs?

A Health Consultation will be carried out by your Therapist prior to beginning any treatment. During which your needs for the treatment will be established, and  your treatment will be catered towards those specific needs. All information disclosed to your therapist will be treated with the strictest confidence.


What are the most common benefits of a treatment?

   Relaxes muscular tension within the lower and upper back, shoulders, and neck.

   Restores your energy levels.

   Encourages healing of the body and mind through the use of simple visualisation and breathing techniques

   Helps to restore the abdomen to its state before pregnancy and birth

   Helps speed up the healing process

   Helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

   Learn simple but effective postnatal exercises

   Regain confidence with your body


What type of massage do you use?

Postnatal Massage treatments are holistic based, and the structure is dependent on your pregnancy, birth, and current postnatal needs. The methods used are a combination of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, and Relaxation Techniques.  



What type of Products do you use?

We use handmade massage wax for consistency and high quality.  This is natural ingredients that leave the skin nourished and soft to touch.  The unscented wax includes Shea butter which adds a velvety texture for a luxurious feel.


If you prefer an alternative, we also offer 100% natural vegetable oil; typically Grape seed, Almond or Jojoba oil.  


Can I have a Treatment without my Baby Present?

Yes. Postnatal Massage is a fantastic way of giving yourself a time out with our without your baby.



Don't forget to check out our Postnatal Package Deals