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Pregnancy Massage Packages- Mother and Bump have suspended our at-home massage service temporarily in response to the coronavirus outbreak.



Mother and Bump

Relaxation Jumpstart Package

3 x 60 Minute Pregnancy Massage  



Maintain. Relax. Confidence. Package

6 x 60 Minute Pregnancy Massage Treatments

(Free Birth Plan Templates, Self Bump Massage, Stretches and Exersise)        £330.00


Relaxation & Confidence Builder

9 x Pregnancy Massage 60 Minute Treatments

(Free Birth Plan Templates, Postnatal Plan Templates, Self Bump Massage,

Oil, Massage, Stretches and Exersise, Relaxation MP3)

+ 1 Hour Birth Partner Massage & Robozo For Labour Workshop                 £495.00    





Greenwich, Bexley,

Lewisham, Bromley, Dartford

Helping you empower your body, your feelings and your inner wisdom



Natelie Henriques


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