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Pregnancy massage


Pregnancy Massage Packages

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I drifted off into complete Bliss, my stresses and aches and pains just melted away

Laura Williams.  Busy mum of Three Oct 09

Mother and Bump Maintenance Package

The Pregnancy Maintenance Package allows you the opportunity to look after your physical emotional & mental health throughout the duration of your pregnancy. You can start this package from your 1st trimester, and continue into the postnatal period or you can get massage just when you need it.


5 X 60 minute Pregnancy Massages and 1 half price 60 minute Postnatal Massage to look forward to after the birth.

5 x 90 minuite Pregnancy Massages and 1 half price  90 minute Postnatal Massage

60 minute Special price £300 saving you £30

90 minute Special Price £412 saving you £38

Find out how to book your maintenance package .


Find out more on the pregnancy massage FAQ page.

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