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Amazing Undiagnosed Breech Birth!

Baby Nima born 8lb10 on 20.09.20 at 17:24  Born 10 days overdue following a pessary induction at 10pm Friday, followed by a good night sleep for mama and no signs of labour.  Things started at 11:00 Saturday and resulted in a quick 7.5 hour labour where things progressed quickly.  I was transferred to labour ward at 16:25 at about 8cm / transition, as I was begging for an epidural when I arrived(!). Waters broke as soon as I got in the room and Nima was with us 59 minutes later with gas and air alone - no pool sadly as all ward pools were in use - but we wouldn’t have had time to fill it anyway! 

Nima surprised us all by being breech presentation when she started crowning and the emergency button was pressed - all the midwives ran in, but mama pushed her out before anyone could get involved, bum and legs first! Classic presentation and textbook vaginal breech birth apparently. I am the talk of the midwives staff room lol! She’s a little 🦁 

She was upside down all along, but no one spotted it, what we thought was her bum prodding out the top of my belly was her head all along! So I was worried about her being posterior and actually she was full breech! No wonder she wasn’t engaged and labour wasn’t starting naturally! But if we’d have known she was breech beforehand they would have done a cesarean, so in a way it’s good no one spotted it considering all turned out fine. Feel like a 🦁 this morning. Thank you for all your support in preparing, I can’t tell you how much the partner techniques you taught us helped us. Starting with a walk in the park, then on all fours on the ball, dancing around, upright rocking in the shower, side lying with meditations on etc - all the way through I had Dave ready to push on my sacrum when I had a surge and that helped so much to have that rhythm and get us so far along in labour basically on our own! I switched to gas and air just before labour ward and that saw me through to pushing when I ditched it so I could listen to my body and push her out - even amongst all the panic at the end.  You helped me prepare for a birth I was dreading (hospital/induction/post dates), but turned out to be a hugely positive birth experience. I was a powerhouse and I feel very strong and proud about it.

Thank you so much! 

Shereen & Dave Docherty - Mama and Baby Nima- Birth Partner Massage & Robozo clients


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