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Specialising in Pregnancy 
Pre & Postnatal Massage Treatments,
Doula Support and Hypnobirthing.

Supporting Your Journey, Choice & Wellbeing 

South East London & North Kent 
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Birth Doula Support In-Person & Virtual Doula Support
Birth Doula Support In-Person & Remote Doula Support


Natelie's Doulas role is essentially to help the mother find her own power and assertiveness, whilst including her birthing partner who will also have their own fears and anxieties, which are often overlooked. This service is offered either as an in-person doula or remotely, both offering a high-value level of support.

Benefits for having a Doula

  • 30% reduction in requests of pain relief

  •  25% reduction in the length of labour

  •  60% reduction in epidurals

  •  50% fewer cesarean sections

Source: Doula studies


As a Remote and an in-Person Doula. 

Natelie will support your pregnancy and birth journey.  You may feel you just need that extra support during your pregnancy, labour, and birth and in the early postnatal period, alongside your birth partner. Natelie will provide both practical and emotional support through your pregnancy, which is often filled with questions, Natelie can provide the information to answer your questions.  By creating a package to suit your needs.


Trained Birthing and Postnatal Companion

Natelie is a trained Birthing and Postnatal Companion,  providing you and your partner with practical and emotional support during your pregnancy, labour, and birth and in the early postnatal period. Natelie is a full spectrum Doula who supports all and recognises the differences we all have so can adapt to whomever she works with. Natelie is very passionate about working with a diverse mix of parents to be. Her many years of experience has helped her to help birthing people and birth partners feel emotionally and physically supported so that they were able to make informed choices on where they have wished to have their baby such as a birthing center, at home or in a hospital as well as in helping them to make informed choices and decisions about their care.  Natelie believes in focussing on you and your individual needs and giving you continuity of care, which in turn supports your partner and the wider family. Natelie offers a continuity of care that cannot be offered within our NHS System with some mothers being seen quite normally by up to at least ten different midwives during their journey.


The Remote & in-Person Doula Sessions

Will help provide you with the confidence to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. 

  • 2 antenatal visits where we will cover everything that will enable you to feel confident and excited about your birth. This includes exploring all your options for birth choices, birth plans, comfort and support plus much more.

  • Natelie will be you on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born. With unlimited phone or email contact. Natelie will be available in labour whenever you need her to be. 

  • Natelie will FaceTime the next day to see that everything is going well and that you are supported in any way you need to start your journey as a newborn mother.

  • Natelie will arrange a FaceTme after a couple of weeks to catch up have a birth debrief and complete our doula journey together.​

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Doula Support

Your Journey

Your Choice

Book a Free Consultation Conversation

The consultation will allow us to get to know one another and start to discuss the plan for your amazing birth journey. 


Start your journey today by emailing or calling Natelie on 07983967737 to arrange your consultation appointment. Or you can book direct below.

45 mins Session

Via Zoom


Remote Doula Adhoc Service
Mother & BumpTalking Therapy Service

As a professional Doula & Counsellor I understand how important it is that you feel listened to and understood as bad listening is endemic in our society, and it seems to be quite rare for people to feel that they are being fully listened to. To have your feelings heard and validated no matter what they are and without judgment especially throughout this rollercoaster ride of pregnancy, birth, and beyond can sometimes be all we need to make a change that will help you find your own way to your own solution. Offering a skilled listening service where all of your information is strictly confidential and your space is held. This service can help with issues such as:

  • Body Image

  • Financial worries

  • Becoming a new parent

  • How to cope as a lone parent

  • Birth Trauma

  •  Anxiety in your Pregnancy over your health/ Baby's health/ Postnatal/ Fear around birth

  • Relationship issues / How to cope as a lone parent/Relationship with partner

  • Self Image /Low self esteem

  • Low mood in pregnancy/postnatal 

  • If you need help looking to get clear on your Birth preferences

  • Birthrights and choices. 

  • Birth Debrief

  • Baby Care 

Book a Discovery Session to explore what could work for you (Sessions typically 1 hour in duration)

Mother & Bump Talking Therapy Service     

Support Your Journey Choice & Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

Home Prenatal Pregnancy Massage
Home Prenatal Pregnancy Massage - South East London & North Kent 

The Mother & Bump prenatal pregnancy massage is offered to mothers/people at all three stages of pregnancy. It is a highly relaxing, soothing and calming massage for the various stages of pregnancy. During this massage, you will lie on your side, with pillows, warm blankets and towels to support your body and bump. Relaxing music, low lighting and oils provide the spa experience in the comfort of your home. The pregnancy massage can be of benefit to the mother but also to their unborn baby. A prenatal massage can emotionally and physiologically support the mother during a time of significant change in the body, which can put strains and stresses on a mothers muscles and joints, leaving you feeling exhausted and, for some women, in pain by the end of the day
Pregnancy can be an excellent time for a woman. However, the process puts pressure on joints, ligaments and organs, causing discomfort and pain. Pregnancy can also be a stressful time for the mother, for many reasons. Massage will help with stress levels due to its calming effect. In addition, regular massage whilst pregnant can make the mother more aware of her own body, helping them with the ability to relax outside of the treatment.


Mother &  Bump Signature Pregnancy Treatment

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage Techniques

  • Shiatsu

  • Myofascial release work


Some or all of these skills will be used to induce always offer tips and tricks to help relieve physical tension outside of the treatment space as continuing self-care for you and your growing baby, which is a priority off the massage table too! Natalie has many year’s experience working in the field of women’s health and pregnancy, with up to date knowledge of the latest and most effective massage techniques to prepare mothers body for birth. 

Additional Benefit of the Treatment 

Natalie offers encouragement and signposting, which is all part of the therapy treatment and being a good listening ear validating her mama clients individual experiences, providing the must-have massage for pregnant mamas. 

(Treatments can be from 1st trimester up to 43 weeks of pregnancy)

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Home Prenatal Pregnancy Massage


     Start your relaxing birth journey today in the comfort of your home. 

Support Your Journey, Choice & Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

(No flat visits, off-street parking must be available)

Home Postnatal Massage
Home Postnatal Massage- South East London & North Kent Only

Once the baby has arrived, it’s essential, if a little harder, to find time for yourself to relax.  Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but your new job as a mum/parent: carrying, feeding, falling asleep with your baby in strange positions. Natelie can work on soothing your aches and pains, whilst offering a listening ear for new mums to ease your concerns as part of the treatment. It helps to switch your body and mind into restore mode, which is important when you feel depleted of energy in every way imaginable. For example, calming the aching and sore and tense body from labour and the strains of pregnancy or from a long achy disturbed night with feeding.
This treatment helps in kickstarting your body into rest and repair. Postnatal massage is so important, calming the overworked, anxious mind that is common and normal too! If you are planning you're postnatal; this totally should be on the list as one of your self-care tools. You may have a treatment within days after birth no matter what your birthing experience has been as your treatment is tailored to your individual needs, Natelie's skill of offering a listening ear, as well as offering tips, information and referrals when needed, are all part of this Postnatal service. The postnatal period is from birth and, as Natelie is concerned, is forever after the birth of your baby, so you may have a one-off are have a package of treatments whatever you feel will serve you. 

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Home Postnatal  Massage


     Start your relaxing birth journey today in the comfort of your home. 


Support Your Journey Choice & Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent

(No flat visits, off-street parking must be available)

Virtual Hypnobirthing
Fear-Less Hypnobirthing

The Mother & Bump Fear- Less Birth Preparation,  Hypnobirthing course has been designed to empower women and their birth partners to create positive birth experiences. A positive birth experience matters and it offers lifelong benefits for mother, baby and partner.

A comprehensive course borrows on the principles of mediation which help to ease expectant people into a state of calm so their bodies can fully relax in pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. It is retraining the mind through encouragement helping you to go back into the tools that your body has already and is in within every birthing person naturally. By using breathing techniques, scripts, anchors affirmations, looking at the science of birth and different birth pathways. These simple tools help a birthing person to be able to cope with or without pain medication in a calm and relaxed manner.

Your Body, Your Choice, Your Pathway, Your Journey!


Natelie has added her years of experience as a massage therapist and experienced doula and has included active movement for labour and birth and massage and other nuggets of information that I know will benefit each parent on their learning journey. Don't worry the hypnobirthing element to the course won't have you barking like a dog or walking like a chicken. This is always about your choice, your pathway, your journey. What you will feel at the end of this course is calm, confident, and looking forward to giving birth to your baby.

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Fear-Less Hypobirthing Course


     Take control of your birth journey,

so you can begin to relax and feel calm.


The course is 9 hours

With personal instruction, handouts, video and audible mindfulness


Birth Partner Massage Robozo Workshop
Birth Partner Massage Robozo Workshop

The workshop will teach you how to relax the muscles of the body as well as other benefits.

Benefits Mother

  • Help you to tune into yourself throughout labour and birth. Will help you to pace yourself for labour, birth, physically & emotionally

  • Help you to relax in pregnancy which will benefit you for labour and birth

  • Tool for managing the pain/sensation of labour

  • Can let go of muscular tension which means the full focus of Oxygen that will move to the Uterus & make the surges more effective

  • Helps you to work with your breath more effectively

  • Less intense and shorter labour

  • Reduction in anxiety


Benefits Baby

  • Baby will receive more Oxygen as the mother is relaxed and breathing more effectively

  • Baby will also receive feel-good hormones

  • Help the baby into a better position for labour

(Optimal Fetal Position)


Benefits Partner:

•Feel useful that you have a tool to use for labour and birth

•Helps you feel closer to your partner so you don’t feel like a 'spare part'

•Help to provide your partner with tactile touch and pain relief

•Keeping your partner calm and relaxed.

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Client Feedback!

Pregnancy & Wellbeing Event Greenwich University 2018


Really great pace class & empowering for me and my partner 2018. Thank you for all your support in preparing,  I can’t tell you how much the partner techniques you taught us helped us. Starting with a walk in the park, then on all fours on the ball, dancing around, upright rocking in the shower, side-lying with meditations on etc - all the way through I had Dave ready to push on my sacrum when I had a surge and that helped so much to have that rhythm and get us so far along in labour basically on our own!

Birth Partner Massage Robozo Workshop


     Time Together to Relax


Session Workshop 1 hour


£90.00 includes

(Relaxation oil and handout)

Support Your Journey  Choice & Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 


Mother & Bump 
Treatment Packages
Time to Treat Yourself


Supporting Mother's Wellbeing

Support Your Journey, Choice & Wellbeing

Signature M & B Massage 


     Time for Mamma to Relax


60 Mins Session 



Supporting Your Journey, Choice & Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

(No flat visits, off-street parking must be available)


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