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Don't Let Fear Get In The Way of Your Pregnancy & Birth Journey!

Last week I got over my fear of heights by heading to Wales and confronting the Worlds most giant Zipline. Using my Fearless Hypnobirthing Course, I faced this fear using the techniques that I use with the parents I work with. Some of the methods are Positive affirmations, Visualisations and Breathing techniques and staying away from people who talk negatively about what you want to achieve.

It is normal to have fear and doubt in pregnancy, especially concerning giving birth. Many mamas/people worry about the pain of labour, but there is a sure difference between pain and suffering, which is impacted by fear. What ramps up fear even more for a pregnant mother/person is not learning how to confront the feeling of dread. Most anxiety feels uncomfortable; we tend to avoid it or pretend it is not there when actually, as I discovered last week and have found over the years of working as a Doula/Hypnobirthing teacher learning to work with it is what we need to do.

Fear helps us keep safe and points us in the direction of what we need to confront and work on. The worst thing we can do is to avoid it. If we start to explore, for example, the nature of pain, that it is subjective, that every person is unique in their experience, how our bodies work, we can start to feel empowered and begin to surrender to the process. Mother & Bump Fearless Hypnobirthing allows you to explore those fears, tap into your conscious and unconscious mind so that you are more able to experience a calm and positive birth.

Here are my top tips to help you combat your fear:

  1. Learn your birthing rights – It is essential to have an extensive Birth education. Knowing your legal Birthrights around your own pregnancy experience and your unique self is vital. Remember, we are all individual beings. What someone else has experienced does not mean you are going to or have to share the same.

  2. Try to find out what is creating the anxiety that triggers you, Birthing Stories from others, your own experience from a previous birth. Don’t wait until labour.

  3. Learn Hypnobirthing or Relaxation techniques and practice daily.

  4. Share your anxiety’s and fears; Journal get them out of the head.

  5. Practice mindfulness Yoga or walking move your body

  6. Consider therapy if the anxiety is intense, especially from the previous experience.

  7. Hire a Doula – To help you confront your fears and to support you emotionally and physically.

  8. Block out, stay away from negative stories and people who don’t respect your pregnancy and birthing choices.

If you would like to find out more about Mother & Bumps Fearless Hypnobirthing course. then, please do get in contact. I would love to hear from you.


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