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The Mother and Bump Postnatal Self Compassion Box is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that serves as a symbolic reminder for new mothers to prioritize self-care and kindness during the postnatal period. 


The Box Inlcludes

1 x 200g Bath Salts 

1 x 100ml Bath Oil

1 x Pregnancy Candle

1 x Pack of M&B Compassion Cards.

Mother & Bump Postnatal Self Compassion Gift Box

  • The pack includes a delightful blend of salts, perfect for a relaxing bath. Not only will they help you unwind, but they can also be used as a sitz bath to provide relief if you're feeling tender downstairs. 

    Our lavender oil is truly special, as it has been created from the lavender in my garden. You can apply it directly to your body as a massage oil, allowing the soothing scent and properties of lavender to envelop you in tranquillity. Alternatively, pour it into your bath for a truly indulgent and relaxing experience. 

    The symbolic end of pregnancy candle is an actual labour of love. Handcrafted with care, it is a beautiful reminder of the incredible journey you have embarked upon. However, please remember to place it in a bowl as it melts pretty quickly within an hour, ensuring you can enjoy its warm glow safely. 

    Last but certainly not least, the Postnatal compassion cards included in the pack are little reminders of how amazing you are after giving birth. Each card is filled with encouragement and support, celebrating your strength and resilience. 

    Enjoy every moment, mama! 

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