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Supporting Mother's Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

Mother & Bump was created in 2008 to help women have a relaxed pregnancy and the birth of their choice, so they can enjoy their babies when they arrive.


The birth of my son had a profound impact on my life; neither my pregnancy nor the birth of my child was easy, but they were certainly an education! I learnt that if I had been more self-empowered and more knowledgeable, many things could have been different. This was the inspiration for my work with pregnancy, birth and beyond. My wonderful son is now 17 years old and he brings my husband and I much pleasure every day.


My passion for pregnancy naturally led me into working with babies, teaching baby massage to parents and carers one-to-one and in groups and working with parents supporting as a Doula.


Specialising in Pregnancy, Pre & Postnatal Massage Treatments, Doula Support and Hypnobirthing. 

Birth Doula
Home Prenatal Pregnancy Massage
Home Postnatal Massage

As a Remote and an in-person Doula.  Natelie will support your pregnancy and birth journey.  You may feel you just need that extra support during your pregnancy, labour, and birth and in the early postnatal period, alongside your birth partner.


Your Body, Your Choice, Your Pathway, Your Journey!


Natelie will provide both practical and emotional support through your pregnancy, by creating a package to suit your needs.


The Mother & Bump prenatal pregnancy massage is offered to mothers in south-east London and North Kent. This is a highly relaxing, soothing and calming massage for the various stages of pregnancy. 

The pregnancy massage can be of benefit to the mother but also to your unborn baby.

A prenatal massage can emotionally and physiologically support the mother during a time of great change in the body. 

Once the baby has arrived, it’s important, if a little harder to find time for that postnatal massage. Not only is your body recovering from childbirth, but your new job as a mum: carrying, feeding, falling asleep with your baby in strange positions.  

Natelie can work on soothing your aches and pains, whilst offering a listening ear for new mums, to ease your concerns as part of the treatment. 

Adhoc Remote Doula Service

I can talk to you with anything in regards to your pregnancy, labour and birth if you need a listening ear, need help to look at your birth preferences, your choices or rights or to debrief your birthing experience. 


Your Body, Your Choice, Your Pathway, Your Journey!


Book an appointment with Natelie for from a 30 minute to six-hour session by Zoom appointment only.

Birth Partner Massage & Robozo 

This Workshop will give you and your birth partner practical hands-on tools to keep you physically and mentally relaxed that will not only serve you for early labour and into your birth journey but should and can be practised during pregnancy too!

Benefits :

  • Baby will receive more Oxygen as the mother is relaxed and breathing more effectively

  • Fantastic and powerful birthing tools

  • Help baby into a better position for labour

  • (Optimal Fetal Position)

Remote & In person Hypnobirthing

The Mother & Bump Fear- Less Birth Preparation, Virtual or in-person Hypnobirthing course has been designed to help women and their birth partners find their power to create positive birth experiences. A positive birth experience matters and it offers lifelong benefits for Mum, baby, and partner.

Your Body, Your Choice, Your Pathway, Your Journey!

Supporting a mother to be able to cope with or without pain medication in a calm and relaxed manner.

Mother & Bump 
Treatment Packages
Time to Treat Yourself

Supporting Mother's Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

About Us

We provide our parents with professional, reliable treatments, courses and services that are both relaxed and enjoyable. ​Supporting Mother's Wellbeing South East London & North Kent.  

Offering Safe, Confidential Emotional, Physical and Practical Support in Your Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenthood Journey!


The treatments work as tools to look after your changing physical body, mind and spirit. Provide parents with logical, confidence building for their unique labour, birth journey into early motherhood and parenthood.

Our Therapies and Birth related services are professional, safe and have the highest calibre.  All of our Therapists/Teachers and Instructors are fully qualified, fully insured and are CRB (Criminal Record) checked.


We are committed to further training and staying updated and informed of any changes that we feel impacts our client's birthing rights to information. We also undertake yearly CPD training.

We pride ourselves in working in a safe manner. All our Therapists/Instructors and Teachers carry out health screenings before undertaking any type of massage treatment

or exercise service.

When a treatment or class is deemed not be safe, we will not work outside of our area of expertise and will refer our clients to the relevant health professional.  Therapists offer practical and emotional support, but not advice to the mother or parents, therefore reminding them to find their own inner power and confidence to make their own choices.  


We recognise that women are entitled to make their own choices about their pregnancy, birth and feeding method so, without judgement we support each mother’s decision.

We show our clients the highest level of care and support to demonstrate that we are sensitive, nurturing and empathetic and non-judgemental.


We present ourselves and our equipment at all times in a professional & clean manner.

We are mothers first, and we believe that women and children are at the centre of the world. We need to look after mothers in pregnancy and birth, so they may go on to look after their children unhindered and free from mental or ill health.


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For any questions or if you require any information,  you can reach Natalie here:

Natelie Henriques


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Supporting Mother's Wellbeing

South East London & North Kent 

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