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What is Mother & Bump's Fear-Less Hypnobirthing Programme?

The Fear Less Hypnobirthing is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to labour and birth. The programme design is to help you & partner build your confidence, knowledge, and power to make choices that are right for you on your journey.

The Fear-Less Hypnobirthing programme does not pitch a particular way of planning your birth. Instead, it recognises that each mother/pregnant person is different with different needs, experiences, and expectations.

The programme's main aim is that you complete the programme with lots of tools, information, and more confidence about your body and the options you have available to you!

Your body!

Your Journey!

Your Choice!

I teach the course over 9 hours of learning and practice and offer an additional three hours of recapping and practice. This is delivered and taught to Parents who reside in South East London and North Kent in person or can be taught if need be Remote. Totally up to you!

If you would like to find out more about Mother & Bump's Fearless Hypnobirthing Programme, please get in touch

Natelie would love to hear from you!


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