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Why Have a Mother & Bump Postnatal Massage

Postnatal care for mothers is just as critical as antenatal care. A Postnatal Massage can not only help you recover from the strains of childbirth, but it can also help you cope with the challenges of caring for your baby.

Having spent the previous nine months becoming accustomed to carrying a growing baby, your body now has to readapt to all the new feeding in awkward positions bending, lifting, carrying and lowering that comes with caring for a newborn. It is challenging work.

When Can I have A Postnatal Massage?

It is unique to the individual mother/person and is dependant on the type of birth that has taken place. If you wish to receive a Postnatal massage within days after delivery, it is totally up to you!

What to expect from a Mother & Bump Postnatal Massage

A Postnatal massage will always begin with health check questions to assess your individual needs. The first treatment will include a full body massage that will focus on physically grounding after giving birth; the gentle treatment will concentrate on nurturing and soothing pain, tenderness, soreness, and stress and using a range of Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage and Energy techniques. Subsequent treatments will focus on what is coming up weekly for you to be full-body treatment or a specific area. Each treatment will last for 60 minutes.

Can my baby stay with me during my treatment?

For mothers/people who have given birth within days, it is advisable to have a baby with you for bonding and attachment if you have given birth within days after delivery, but it is totally up to you. Babies can remain with you until pre-crawling age.

How often should I have a postnatal massage?

Traditionally massage is performed once a week for the first six weeks and then once or twice a month to keep at bay any postural niggles and give the mother/person some rest from all the hard work that has been taking place. However, this is totally up to the individual mother /person.

Can I have a Postnatal Massage after a Cesarean / Abdominal delivery?

Yes!!!! Getting a Postnatal Massage after Abdominal delivery will help speed up recovery as massage essentially increases blood circulation. The more nutrients and improved bloody circulation, the better, as this helps your wound heal faster; this is also why you are also encouraged to move around shortly after delivery. We won't be massaging directly onto your wound area but will be working safely around the room.

What Are The Main Benefits

  • A whole hour of me-time, where you can relax and take a step back from the stresses of parenting.

  • Easing back, shoulder and neck tension from breastfeeding and carrying your baby.

  • Your little one with you on the massage bed will help with bonding and attachment, but this is totally up to you.

  • Easing muscle strain after the rigours of childbirth.

  • Improved mental health – Hormones imbalance and an increase in the ‘stress hormone named cortisol. Massage helps new mothers/people relax and unwind, reducing cortisol levels and promoting good mental health.

  • Postnatal Massage also boasts Oxytocin (Love ), which helps bond and attach to your baby and partner. Not to forget Serotonin which is responsible for maintaining mood balance.

  • Reduces swelling (oedema) by promoting fluid flow in the lymphatic and circulatory system, draining excess fluid from swollen areas.

  • Abdominal massages can help the uterus shrink back to a normal position, promote pelvic floor healing and rebalance the spine and pelvis.

  • Help with healing from c sections after the inelastic scar tissue has formed. Through manipulation, elasticity is restored to the tissue, easing tension and restriction and reducing muscle tightness and pain.

  • Abdominal massages can help the uterus shrink back to a normal position, promote pelvic floor healing and rebalance the spine and pelvis.

A Mother & Bump Postnatal Massage is overall total fantastic for mood boasting, easing soreness and tension and giving a mother/person some non-judging held space just for them for an hour total bliss.

"Mother & Bump service is excellent! I booked Natelie as I was sore and exhausted. I had my treatment nine days after the birth of our baby girl!

The massage was everything that I needed; Natelie eased my back, which was tight and aching. I also found out from Natelie my upper back and neck discomfort was causing me tension headaches. She listened to my birth story and offered lots of helpful information. I have worked with Natelie monthly for six months now and look forward to the time each month just for me." -

Amy - Eltham Mother

How do I book, and what areas do you cover

You can book directly by checking our online diary of dates and availability via the Mother & Bump website, where you can book directly.

I cover South East London and North Kent only.

All that I need is a space large enough to set up the massage table so that I may work freely and access free off-street parking outside of your home. All fresh towels, oils, pillows, music provided. I turn your home into a relaxation space within minutes.


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