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This Workshop will give you and your birth partner practical hands on tools to keep you physically and mentally relaxed that will not only serve you for early labour and into your birth journey, but should and can be practiced during pregnancy too!


The workshop will teach you how to:


Relax the muscles of the body -

Benefits Mother :

• Help you to tune into yourself throughout labour and birth. Will help you to pace yourself for labour, birth, physically & emotionally

. Help you to relax in pregnancy which will benefit you for labour and birth

•Tool for managing the pain/sensation of labour

•Can let go of muscular tension which means full focus of Oxygen that will move to the Uterus & make the surges more effective

•Helps you to work with your breath more effectively

•Less intense and shorter labour

•Reduction in anxiety


Benefits Baby:

Baby will receive more Oxygen as mother is relaxed and breathing more effectively

Baby will also receive feel good hormones

•Help baby into a better position for labour

(Optimal Fetal Position)


Benefits Partner:

•Feel useful that you have a tool to use for labour and birth

•Helps you feel closer to your partner so you don’t feel like a 'spare part'

•Help to provide your patner with tactile touch and pain relief

•Keeping your partner calm and relaxed.


Session Workshop 1 hour


£90.00 includes

(Relaxation oil and handout)

Natelie Henriques

[email protected]

0800 468 1737

07983 967737

Pregnancy & Wellbeing Event Greenwich University 2018


Really great pace class & empowering for me and my partner 2018


Amazing Workshop, More People have to know about you!


10 out 10 Fantastic Workshop great handouts Thank you Natelie


Thank you so much useful information and information sheet a informative workshop.


Loved the Robozo must get hold of one thank you!